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Smart Team of experienced software engineers proficient in code and curious about people.

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Why We Do IT?

This unique value of our Team stems from our culture.

Smart people, engineering technical solutions, collaboration, craftsmanship, and succeeding even when challenges arise drive our inspiration.

Why We Do IT?
Make IT

Our Culture

We help smart people to achieve great things together.

Smart Professionals

We do the best we can at all times and value quality over quantity.

Supportive Team

We support each other’s growth and personal development.

Friendly Environment

We work together to build a Team so strong You don't know who the boss is.

How We Do IT?

How We Do IT?

Our accountability and communication build trust towards successful, long-term relationships with every partner.

Our commitments and expertise shape a successful future of every partnership and product we build.

Make IT

Our Way

We build strong relationships based on trust, respect, and shared goals.


We conquer challenges every day and even in the hardest times You are not alone.

Have Fun

We keep our environment informal, friendly, and loaded with tons of fun non-stop.


We have the freedom for personal growth and work-life balance.

What We Do?

Founded in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria, we help Startups and SMEs create and scale their products and Teams.

We are an IT company delivering exceptional services in the domain of software development, IT outsourcing, and professional trainings.

What We Do?

Our Work

We handpick the smart people to work with and not the projects.


We focus exclusively on modern technologies in the JavaScript-ecosystem.


We build projects in FinTech, Education, E-Sports, Web3, and more.


We partner with companies in over a dozen industries and business domains.


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We typically reply within one business day.

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Game Plan

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Core Values

Our way of approaching people, engineering solutions, communication, learning, and succeeding even when challenges arise.


Accountability is the ownership and commitment to our responsibilities while being answerable for the results of our actions and decisions.

We are accountable.


Curiosity is the impulse to learn and experience more. It’s the process of exploring new possibilities and is the starting point of most remarkable discoveries throughout history.

We are curious.


Support is the help to someone emotionally or in a practical way. We go above and beyond to support each other as well as anyone else we interact with.

We are supportive.


Communication is the tool we use to shape our future. Through conversations we share our own interpretation of the world, make requests, offers, commit to certain actions, and alter our future expectations.

We are excellent communicators.


Mastery is the highest competence level we try to achieve with our work. Our craftsmanship is inspired by the challenges we face every day.

We are masters of technology.

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