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We Make IT

Founded in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria, we help Startups and SMEs create and scale their products and Teams.

IT Services

We are an IT company delivering exceptional services in the domain of full-stack web and mobile development.

First Class Remote

We operate fully remotely with international partners and Teams since founding.


Our accountability and communication build trust towards successful, long-term relationships with every partner.


Our commitments and expertise shape a successful future of every partnership and product we build.

Success Stories

Inspirational stories from our past experiences of transforming ideas into successful projects.

Boyan Antonov, PMPĀ®

General Manager @ Coherent Solutions

"Make IT was able to maintain a good collaboration throughout the duration of the partnership, much to the client's delight. The Team worked seamlessly with the company, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with Make IT's unique core values."

Aleksandar Todorov

Senior Engineering Manager @ Accedia

"Following the best coding practices, Make IT helped the client streamline their development capabilities and fulfill the end client's changing requirements. The technically proficient Team's professionalism and attention to the client's needs reflected their commitment to the project's success."

Nikola Dimitrov

Owner & Production Manager @ Toni Fisher

"With Make IT's outputs, the company website was immediately bombarded with requests from clients from all over the world, indicating the project's success. The Team was prompt, responsive, and professional, and their understanding of the company's goals was impressive."

Mathieu Jolin

Co-Owner @ Strife

"Make IT helped an e-sports organization develop and design a new website that better showcases their Team members. They also implemented alternative payment methods for the client's e-commerce store."

Henri Kuci

CEO @ AdCodly

"The client and their customers were highly pleased with the development support of Make IT. They were a communicative and accommodating Team. Because of their high-quality services, the client plans on continuing their partnership with the vendor on future projects."

Alex Johnson

Senior Full-Stack Developer @ Freelance

"I started with the trainings a few months ago and it has been one of the most fulfilling decisions I've ever made. The instructors are always amazing and they provide the type of guidance that I never received in online courses."

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